Win an award!

Win an Award!

I once won an award. A real one. With a diner and a podium moment. My own little “if my mom could see me” moment. I won Best Festival Sponsor 2015. There was only one other competitor. Nonetheless, we won. đŸ™‚ So why should you participate as a communication professional in an awards contest?

I have five good reasons for you:

Awards shows are all about community

People organizing these contests are seriously passionate people. In my industry, Sponsorship as such is mostly not a chosen profession but rather a career move. Being in an environment where you get to meet other professionals is golden.

A moment of recognition

Submitting your case makes you think about the how and why of your completed work.  Being judged in a hierarchy or being judged by your peers is a world of difference.  Any self-respecting organization hosting such a competition has a fair judging framework to ensure that the evaluation is conducted professionally and respectfully.

Networking on a national and international level

I have spent years of my life in meetings, events, and hospitality meeting rightsholders, brands and agencies under the general umbrella of networking. Participating in competitions of my industry and the workshops and talks usually organized around the event gave me more contacts than usual. You also get to meet great people from all different places.

A selling tool

Whether you have rights, run an agency or are looking for sponsorship, one thing is certain and that is that you will have to package and sell your story, internally, externally or towards customers. Accountability with insights, examples and cases and who knows with an award in your backpack, will give a lot more credibility to the results achieved

It doesn’t matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special.

Zinedine zidane

Do we need a reason to party?

Probably the best reason. There are few moments where we get to celebrate our successes with likeminded people

To finalize, even though awards are a competitive thing, it is actually more about recognition, connection, and learning from a community sharing a  passion. So what are you waiting for? Go get an award!

For people in the sponsorship Industry visit the ESA Award page here. For Belgians on national level visit SponsorLive here. Contact us if you need advice how to go about it to participate here.

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