Become a top sponsorship seller!

Become a top sponsorship seller!

Let’s take a look at a few tried and tested methods you can use to significantly improve your sponsor sales and become a top sponsorship seller. Methods I tested, implemented and collected over the last ten years and now yours to integrate into your daily work.

Look closely at your events and identify anything valuable in a potential sponsorship relationship with a brand. You can do this by either determining the nominal value of measurable items or the equivalent you would pay on the market. Get an idea of what your assets are worth before you even approach a sponsor.

Also, it is not a good idea to use the cost of your event as a standard to determine your sponsor fee. It is the value that is decisive and not your cost. As an example, exclusivity is not a cost but a value. The best advice I can give is to determine the value of your assets from the sponsor’s position. What is it worth to them? What are they saving?

“The best advice I can give is to determine the value of your assets from the sponsor’s position. “


The first step you need to take is to sit down with your prospects and understand their needs. Asking the right questions is key! Sponsor seekers usually start by presenting their story at the beginning of the meeting. You miss a unique moment to build rapport with your potential partner. Remember, these people receive tons of proposals every day and have short attention spans. Turn the table and find out what your prospect brand does daily. What are their products, campaigns, market position at that present time? What are the problems they are facing now?

Based on the answers from the first talks, make a tailor-made proposal with room for negotiation & adjustment. Build partnerships with your sponsor rather than classic sponsorships. Keep in mind that your sponsor contact is probably not the only one who can benefit from the sponsorship. Sponsorship teams have many different internal stakeholders with budgets. Get to know the different functions, roles and teams in a corporate company today. Get them on board too.

An effective sponsorship sales strategy focuses on raising funds in the most efficient way possible. It is about the manner the sales are done. A performant sales strategy saves you costs, time and money. It prevents your resources from going in all directions.

Cold calling and email campaigns require a lot of energy from sponsor seekers and their teams. The sponsor target group is small on the Belgian market and usually very difficult to reach. The best way is networking and contacting warm leads. It is and always will be an industry where connections and networks are crucial. So go out and connect!

Share your successes below and celebrate! If you provide us with proof that you have sold a sponsorship deal using our tips, SKAUT will send you a bottle of champagne! Pinky swear.

If you have any questions related to becoming a top sponsorship seller or if you want to know more about a sales strategy for your company, we can help.

Our store is always open for advice and sharing experiences.

Al boca di lupo!

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