Why do I never get a reply?

Why do I never get a reply?

As a sponsor manager, I was a marked man. I got a dozen emails every day asking for sponsorship. On social media, I had the same scenario. At least three times a week, I was called by people who had obtained my phone number with a sponsorship request. I had almost a day job answering all these requests. And when people finally got hold of me, I often got the comment why a company like ours never answers? Why do I never get a reply? And an understandable question from their point of view.

First, there is a certain logic to the nature of fundraising. The Belgian market has a limited number of top sponsors. In addition, they are very visible through their sponsorships. So it is only logical that everyone wants to get in touch with them. But sponsoring teams are literally overflooded with requests. And 99% gets rejected anyway because of planning, allocated budget and strategy

Second, companies initially didn’t really care about this steady stream of incoming demands. And why should they? Think about it. Their sponsorship is planned for the coming years. budget too. So looking for or assessing potential additional deals won’t be their priority. However, with the evolution of customer service in recent years, the realization that there was an impact on business reputation grew, so online tools began to emerge. These tools register, catalog and prioritize requests and ensure that the handling burden remains manageable. The best tools can even filter requests based on the sponsor’s goals. Companies using these tools will reply to you, but it will be a standard email. So now you get the answer you demanded, but not the answer or format you want to see. But there is hope. Soon these tools will find the perfect match for your event and vice versa.

But let’s be honest, what does the above tell you? You’re really not looking for ways of sponsorship that don’t work, are you? So let me point you in the right direction.

  • Read the sponsorship policy – These policies are always a gold mine of information.
  • Warm leads – yes, networking is key. Most deals are made between teams and organizations that already work together or know each other. So try to reach your potential leads through connections. Do your homework.
  • Get creative – Engage your leads in non-traditional ways. The front desk called me once to meet a 2-meter tall winged angel with a message. Hard to turn someone down when the entire company has seen it and you haven’t.
  • Join networking or industry associations. – Attending workshops, lectures and sponsored events. And if opportune, create a hospitality event yourself.

Good luck out there! If we can help, you can find us here! You can also find more tips on another blog post we wrote on becoming a top seller, read it here.

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