Digital Brand Solutions through Esports

Digital Brand Solutions through Esports

FWRD: The healthy esports team

FWRD is a digital agency featuring a professional esports organization with a strong emphasis on health, while offering brand visibility and product placement solutions through social media, streaming channels, online and physical events. FRWD delivers Digital Brand Solutions through Esports

FWRD is convinced that the performance of an esports team is strongly influenced by lifestyle, general fitness, expertise and consistency. Having the right mindset, a balanced nutrition and sufficient sleep contribute as much to performance and success of digital athletes than displaying the right playbook, knowledge or excellent analytical skills.

The esports solutions proposed by FWRD include:

  • FWRDGG – Offering brand visibility, advertising and product placement solutions to partners via the FWRD inhouse esports team.
  • FWRDMX – Providing access to our streamer’s network for partners desiring to gain visibility on streaming platforms, while reaching a young and engaged audience.
  • White-label Solutions – FWRD supports you in the coordination, setup and management of your dedicated esports organization or team!
  • Creative Content – Production and creation of advertising and social media content for partners.
  • B2B Solutions – Bespoke coaching and team building solutions for partners. Esports athletes are experiencing a high level of stress during competitions and need to take the right decisions under pressure. The training concepts used in esports can be transposed to a corporate and professional environment and FWRD can assist your organization in developing leadership, strategic thinking and decision-taking among your staff.


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