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You are looking for a way to strategically link your marketing and communication objectives to the right target audience. We have a solution for you!

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I am an event or rightsholder

Are you looking for a way to approach Sponsors in a valuable way? Or are you looking for mutual collaborations that can grow your event? Do you want to know what your event is worth? We are happy to show you how we approach that!

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I am an activation or events agency

You stand between brands and events. You want to know how you can work out meaningful activations. Are you looking for the right Sales strategy to deal with your Corporate leads or customers? We are happy to help you with our experience!

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I am looking for knowledge, training and workshops in events and sponsorship

Looking for knowledge, workshops and training in the wonderful world of Sponsoring & Partnerships? We have a range of solid training courses.

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I have an idea, a new project or a new tool in event and sponsorship

You have a solution that offers an answer to an event or a sponsorship need, you have an idea for a new event and you are looking for a range, market knowledge or partners? We look forward to seeing it with you!

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I'm not really looking for anything

The Skaut team wishes you a lot of prosperity, success and love in your life. We are happy to give you a riddle now that you have peace of mind! Do you want to know the answer or do you have the answer let us know and who knows ....

Here it comes: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

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