SKAUT Academy is the training center of SKAUT. Our mission is to make every sponsorship master his communication skills especially sponsorships and partnerships. We offer the following training:

Interactive training that focuses on the basics of sponsorship. For sponsorship beginners or teams. The objectives are to understand the current sponsorship concepts, the sponsorship proces and how valuation of investments can be done.

The training focuses on the sale of sponsorships and is intended for rights holders, agencies and events. Learn how to value assets, how to prepare a sponsor file and what the best strategy is to sell your proposal.

This training is intended for sponsor executives of brands who want to align their marketing or/and business objectives with a solid sponsorship strategy that is measurable and feasible. Knowledge of sponsorship basis is recommended

Learn how to negotiate like a pro. How does the brain work, what does the body language of my conversation partner says and which techniques can I use to achieve better results.


The objective of this workshop is to facilitate the creation of a complete framework in which a vision, a mission, measurable strategic objectives and KPIs are defined for the next 3 years. For business leaders or executives.

The workshop is the continuation of TR02 and actively guides the executive or the team in drawing up a sponsor sales strategy complete with market-based prices, valued assets, a sponsor file and an effective approach to contact leads

The workshop is the continuation of TR0 3. It is an hands-on workshop that strategically reviews existing sponsorships, determines the value of the investment and redefines the ROI / ROO and strategy if necessary