Engaging in sponsorship sales can be time-consuming, with a slight chance of success. The fact is that 99% of sponsor requests fail. Does this mean that your search for funds should cease? Not at all. It calls for a different way of dealing with sponsors. Brands face new challenges yearly and therefore have to adapt their sponsorship strategies. To be a top sponsorship seller, you need to understand these changes and prepare your sales activities accordingly.

SKAUT has a range of services to start with sponsorship sales or optimize existing ones. We can do this thanks to our business experience and background, the right tools and insights.

Sponsorship sales services:

Sponsorship sales preparation

The main objective of this service is to make sure that your sponsorship activities are done in an efficient (doing the things right) and effective way (doing the right things). Understanding your value and assets, getting your prospect’s objectives, and knowing the sponsor market is vital. A sponsorship preparation will give you or your team the tools, insights and knowledge to engage professionally in sponsorships sales. The core tasks in sponsorship sales preparation are:

  • Creation of sponsorship one-pager – How do I contact sponsors?
  • Creation of sponsorship file – What do we offer?
  • Valuation of your assets (value items) – What is the worth of my event?
  • Defining rights and fee prices – What is the correct fee for my event?
  • Sponsorship sales strategy – Who do I need to see and how do I connect?


Sponsorship sales

The demand for sponsorships is very high, and the offer is rather low in Belgium. The higher the fee, the smaller the potential sponsors (and inaccessibility). We think of sponsorship sales as more like business development between potential partners. Sponsors need tailor-made proposals in line with their core objectives, not the passionate reason for your event. Out of experience, we know that two elements play a significant role in successful sponsorship sales. Doing sales preparation and having access to the right network.

(!) We rarely participate in hardcore sponsorship sales because this is not economically feasible for us on the Belgian market. For some projects, we make an exception if the following conditions are met.

  • A daily consultancy fee of 500 € – We do not believe in “the no cure, no pay principle” with sponsorship sales. We love what we do. Plus, we have the right network, skills and experience to accelerate professional sponsorship sales.
  • Your team has gone through SKAUT’s sales preparation process – When we meet prospects and leads, we want to be prepared to obtain funding efficiently and effectively.
  • The valuation of your sponsorship fee is higher than the 100k – We reserve 10% as sales commission for SKAUT.


Pitch Support

One of the trends in recent years has been the increasing importance of purchasing departments in negotiations and pitching. They are the gatekeepers who ensure that the communication and sponsorship teams achieve their goals within a predetermined budget. They usually launch the pitching procedure to ensure transparency and objectivity between contenders and the company. Participating in pitches and tenders is not an easy task. We can help with pitches for the following reasons.

  1. Due to our corporate background, we have insights into purchase and pitching procedures.
  2. With the SKAUT support framework, we efficiently prepare your pitch with your input.
  3. Through our experience and way of working you save resources and time.


Contracting & reporting

One of the biggest reasons that companies do not renew contracts is that events do not provide enough means to demonstrate the result of the investment. This is a missed opportunity for both parties. The initiative lies with the recipient of the funds to demonstrate that the promises made have been fulfilled. This also gives your sponsor the opportunity to defend the investment internally. That is precisely where the greatest threat to sponsorship lies.

SKAUT has developed an evaluation and report framework with partners, supported by online tools. This framework provides you with the necessary figures, analyzes and conclusions that will enable you to justify the investment in the right way.


Sponsorship management

We function as an internal team that takes over your sponsoring activities partially or wholly. Weekly proactive reporting, objective setting and budget governance are a few elements we provide a services

Sponsorship management:

  • Daily organization and management of your resources (budget, team, tools)
  • Implementation or follow-up of sponsorship strategy & events.
  • Negotiations and contracts with brands
  • Implementation of tools, KPI’s and reporting
  • Team member recruitment & training


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