The nature of sponsorship is to support the passion and experience of your audience, the ultimate way to get credit as a brand. It is one of the most potent tools you can possess to engage with your customers directly. A strategy that A-brands worldwide have been following for decades.

But time and again, sponsorships underperform or are cancelled because they are used as an end in themselves, rather than facilitators of brands’ business and communication objectives. SKAUT for Brands can make a difference for you as a brand. We have the knowledge, experience and network to make your sponsorship effective and efficient.

Brand sponsorship services:

The realisation of a sponsorship programme

To paint a house, you need to prepare thoroughly to do the job neatly and fast. Nothing is more true in sponsorship. The systematic approach behind SKAUT connects your objectives with the right audiences, events and expected results. A robust sponsorship strategy supported by a clear sponsorship policy will bring three significant results:

  1. Your strategy will be protected for the coming years as the programme is your insurance – Get the right results
  2. Your costs will decrease due to best practice & FTE optimization – Get the right support
  3. The ability to act with meaningful reporting and insights. – Get the right tools


“Best Fit” event selection

One of the most significant risks of sponsorship is investing in the wrong properties and events. Choosing a suitable event or property is essential to the survival of your sponsorship efforts. The event sector is extensive and evolves fast in Belgium. Due to our national network and regular contact we can accelerate the selection process making it more efficient for you by saving you time and resources.

We provide an impartial pitching process, with a focus on the right deliverables based on your objectives. The focus here lies in acquiring and negotiating the rights you need from the rightsholder to achieve your communication goals. We work in the following phases:


Brand activation to maximise engagement

A sponsorship without activation is a no-go. One of the most important objectives of sponsorship is a successful activation. A well-thought-out activation is the best way to reach your target audience and leave a lasting impression. It’s also a unique way to introduce people to your product.

Activation is mostly done by activation agencies working for brands. So this requires an extra negotiation with a focus on creativity and budget rather than communication rights. SKAUT helps you find the right agencies. We streamline the pitching/purchase process and present you with an objective list of options to choose from. Together with the preferred agency, we look for the most impactful activation idea within budget. SKAUT for Brands takes care of the following list.

  • Agency pitching process
  • Activation concept evaluation
  • Offer and contract negotiation
  • Activation evaluation


Evaluation & ROI/ROO

SKAUT has developed an evaluation and report framework with partners, supported by online tools. This framework provides you with the necessary figures, analyzes and conclusions that will enable you to justify the investment in the right way.

Short-term investments are often ineffective and a waste of money. A long-term partnership has many more possibilities to appeal to a larger audience. For such a long-term collaboration to run as profitably as possible, pre-agreed objectives and KPIs must be agreed upon. Otherwise, the result can’t be evaluated annually. SKAUT for Brands will put these functions in place.


Sponsorship management

We function as an internal team that takes over your sponsoring activities partially or wholly. Weekly proactive reporting, objective setting and budget governance are a few elements we provide a services

Sponsorship management:

  • Daily organization and management of your resources (budget, team, tools)
  • Implementation or follow-up of sponsorship strategy & events.
  • Negotiations and contracts with events and rightsholders
  • Implementation of tools, KPI’s and reporting
  • Team member recruitment & training


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