As an agency, you often stand between the brands and the events. That is not an easy position. There is a lot of competition out there. Pitching and negotiating concepts with large companies is often time-consuming and challenging, even for seasoned agencies. This is where SKAUT steps in. We are here to support and accelerate this process. SKAUT has solid experience in guiding pitching procedures, developing activation concepts and preparing quotations. We offer the following services

Brand activation:

  • Pitch preparation
  • Activation development
  • Setting up reporting

Pitch preparation

One of the major trends in recent years has been the increasing importance of purchasing departments in negotiations and pitching. They are the gatekeepers who ensure that the communication and sponsorship teams achieve their goals within a predetermined budget. Participating in a pitch requires preparation and insight. With SKAUT, you can start the sprint on time. We can do this by the following elements.
  1. Due to our corporate background, we have insights into purchase and pitching procedures.
  2. With the SKAUT support framework, we efficiently prepare your pitch with your input.
  3. Door de ervaring en manier van werken spaar je middelen en tijd uit.

Activation development

Pitching process

Event selection

RIghts negotiation

Valuation and contracts

Setting up reporting

One of the biggest reasons that companies do not renew contracts is that agencies and events do not provide enough tools to demonstrate the result of the investment. This is a missed opportunity for both parties. The initiative lies with the recipient of the funds to demonstrate that the promises made have been fulfilled. This also gives your sponsor the opportunity to defend the investment internally. That is precisely where the greatest threat to cooperation lies.

SKAUT has developed an evaluation and report framework with partners, supported by online tools. This framework provides you with the necessary figures, analyzes and conclusions that will enable you to justify the investment in the right way.

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Event tracking

Online measurement tools >>

Reporting dashboard

The SKAUT office track is intended for small and medium enterprises to be involved in sponsorships and partnerships without exploding budgets. By outsourcing your team to SKAUT office, you will engage in long-term cooperation benefiting from an increased ROI due to expertise, reduced FTE, reporting & the means to account for the investment.

A startup fee ensures you that there are rapidly the necessary means to implement a sponsorship strategy or to engage in sponsorship sales. This includes:

  • A sponsorship one-pager
  • A sponsorship file
  • Sponsorship strategy or sponsorship sales strategy

A monthly fee will take care of the account or sales account management of your sponsorship strategy handled by a dedicated account manager.